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Have you ever wondered how much control we actually have over our lives? The mind is continuously sending us messages to do this or that and our lack of awareness blindly follows its commands. These messages are generally self defeating because when the mind is in control it will always side with taking the easy option over the better one. Each time we attempt something new and give up because of the latest whim or passing fancy we give it more control and the cycle gets http://www.thefreedictionary.com/카지노사이트 harder to break!

For most of us, our sense of self is derived from the contents of our mind. Memories of the past, future projection and the baggage we have accumulated are used to identify who we are. We have become separated from our true self by the way in which the mind manipulates time. We have identified with the tool and not the master. We are letting the mind run the show and the way we live is not helping us one bit.

Goal setting provides a mechanism through which we can break the mind’s control over our lives.


It is clear to most people that if you want to make a success of your life then setting personal goals is a must. Through setting goals we grow because our dreams tend to be bigger than we are now. To reach our targets we make a plan, overcome obstacles, do things we wouldn’t have otherwise done and if need be, go the extra mile. A life of drifting from one thing to the next turns into a life of direction. Success becomes less a game of chance, more a matter of time. But what of the hidden benefits of setting goals?

When we set goals and take the steps necessary to reach our targets we start to treat the mind more like a tool. Distractions become more noticeable because they take us away from our targets. When we become aware of this happening we can re-focus on the present activity and give it our full attention. This awareness can be used to get in touch with who we really are and break the hold the mind has over us.

The longer we can hold onto this awareness the less control we give to the mind. You see, the mind and time are inseparable. When 룰렛사이트 we bring our attention into the present moment we are breaking the bonds of time and allowing the true self to take charge. The channel is now open for all the qualities of genius to come into our work. The mind simply cannot compare to what the true self can offer. The answers to our prayers are wrapped in the present.